DHIRA Anthea Helliwell – choose NOW cards

NOW is the Silence, the Stillness; the Infinite Ocean of Peace Within.

Choose a card as a gentle reminder to rise above all that keeps us in limitation. Choose to be here NOW in this present moment, choose to be blissful, to love and be happy.

Choose To Be Free

Use these cards as a support for freedom from the chaotic mind, as a guide towards a greater experience of inner Peace and a return to Presence. Choose a card for whatever is happening in your life, for today, this moment...for NOW.

Choose NOW Cards are a 54 card pack that I have designed and painted. They measure 70 x 120 mm and come in their own special tuck box. They cost £17.99 plus postage and you can get a taster by clicking on the Random Card Generator tab at the top of the page and it will choose a card for you from a selection of cards from the pack.

Whilst I have painted the backs of the cards with infinity symbols in a variety of brushes and inks, the words on the front of each card are those I have so often heard spoken by my Teachers of Ascension, The Ishayas of The Bright Path. They are gifts of Universal Wisdom beyond all religions and belief systems. The word God represents the ONE, the Greatest Force for Good at all times, Our Highest Transcended Self

How to Buy

The cards cost £25 per pack. Please  contact me to buy choose NOW cards and to find out shipping costs.

Some testimonials

“Choosing a card takes me straight to the Stillness, a direct link to my Higher Self” Rachel, Sheffield, UK

“These cards are really special. No matter what’s happening in my life, they always point me back to what’s most important. The messages are simple but very profound. Just wonderful!” Saryanavat, Huddersfield, UK

“I absolutely love the simplicity and wisdom of these beautiful cards.” Radha, Brighton, UK

“These are cards of Wisdom to reflect on and guide you on your spiritual journey” Per, Åseda, Sweden

“These cards are a great support to my Ascension practise as they act as simple daily reminders. They create more focus and alertness in my practise and give me something to work with. Funnily enough the more I use them the more they seem to work for me. Thank you Dhira” Maya, Burley in Wharfedale, UK

My Experience of Ascension

One of the most fortunate and perfect experiences to come my way has been to discover the practice of Ascension as taught by the Ishaya’s of The Bright Path (www.thebrightpath.com). Within their simple mechanical meditation techniques, I found the way back to my true self. I found deep and everlasting peace, bliss, love, joy and contentment. Within just a few weeks of learning the practice, I realised that all I had ever searched for on the outside of my life, was actually waiting for me, in abundance, on the inside. Old patterns of stress and anxiety, of feeling separate and alone, of feeling like there was something wrong with me and my life, started to fall away. All I had to do was follow the simple techniques that were taught in one weekend course and follow my heart.

With love and gratitude for all of my Teachers. For their unconditional love and support, for their patience and compassion, for their inspiration; for showing me that it really is possible to live 200% of life.

 With love and gratitude to all my friends, both Ascenders and non-Ascenders alike, whose love, support and enthusiasm led me to taking this venture into publishing. DHIRA